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Ku Klux Klan, Past and Present Essay -- American America History

Ku Klux Klan, Past and Present The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is one of America's most established and most dreaded gatherings. Driven by the fantasy of a world with just one ace race, the KKK regularly utilizes savagery and moves exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else to advance their motivation. Brutality and racial oppression was not their unique aim. They have been in the shadows for more than 130 years and keep on flourishing in America's general public today. The Ku Klux Klan started coincidentally during the reproduction time frame after the common war in the Southern United States. The southern individuals had experienced incredibly the impacts of the extraordinary war. Huge numbers of them lost their homes and manors. Numerous additionally lost companions and friends and family to the war. The individuals required a discharge from the distress of regular daily existence. In 1865, six men from an unassuming community in Tennessee coincidentally started what has become the biggest and most dreaded loathe gathering in the nation. The men chose to make a club to help discharge the pressure of the occasions. The men were all poor and couldn't stand to make outfits or incredible ensembles for the gathering, so they chose to utilize materials. They wore the cloths over their backs furthermore, put pillowcases on their heads. They additionally hung the materials over their ponies. The Ku Klux Klan was going to ride just because. In the starting, the men needed to do just pull tricks on individuals. Be that as it may, the individuals were more scared than they were brightened up. They before long acknowledged what they could do with these dread strategies. The South had transformed into a spot that was not, at this point theirs. The slaves were presently free (a considerable lot of these men were slave proprietors) and carpetbaggers were originating from the North to exploit the southern individuals. They saw the opportunit... ...m to share very similar things for all intents and purpose. They contain data that sabotages different races and religions. A larger part of these locales additionally bid to youths, adolescents and more youthful youngsters by flaunting such mottos as Cool Hate Music. Cartoons are additionally found on numerous pages. These kid's shows exhibit the foe races in disappointing circumstances that regularly detailed the focuses and perspectives on the KKK. At long last, the KKK is a difficult that won't disappear for long. As we have seen, the KKK will be dynamic for a period and afterward vanish. For whatever length of time that there is contrasts between individuals in this world, there will consistently be loathe. Also, the Ku Klux Klan will be there to benefit from this detest and endeavor it inside and out. They might be quiet for a long time, however you can rely on the way that they are there. They are The Invisible Empire and will consistently be the dim

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The Wind In The Willows By Kenneth Grahame Essays -

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame Kenneth Grahames The Wind in the Willows is a sarcastic impression of the English social structure of the late nineteenth century, during a period of quick industrialization all through Europe. Additionally thought to be a childrens story, this novel passes on Grahames confidence in the capacity of one to carry on with an unreasonable and relaxed life, liberated from the commitments of the average workers, and qualified for this life through high economic wellbeing and riches. The River Bank characters, particularly Toad, speak to the individuals who carry on with this inactive existence of the high society. Interestingly, the stoats and weasels of the Wild Wood look like the working class, and an ill will between these two classes existed. The lower classes of the time were dependent upon poor ways of life, just as abuse by the production line proprietors and representatives. They built up a disdain and unfriendly mentality towards the high societies. In this book, Toad most noticea bly epitomizes Grahames perfect existence of recreation and opportunity and thusly has his home taken over by the insubordinate average workers Wild-Wooders. All the more critically however, Toad displays numerous characteristics, that make him, for most perusers, the most paramount figure in this book. However huge numbers of these qualities showed by the blue-blooded Toad appear to subvert the creators endeavored, legitimizing of extraordinary abberations of riches and social position (Keefer). Frog is demonstrated to be an extremely rich and noticeable figure in the River Bank society. He is notable in his locale, and in the network of the Wild Wood, and is a dear ally to Mole, Rat, and Badger, the other three principle characters. Frog shows numerous excellent characteristics that make his figure a truly paramount one. Rodent portrays him to Mole as being, in every case great tempered, consistently happy to see you, generally sorry when you go He is undoubtedly the best of creatures. So straightforward, so well-intentioned, thus friendly (13). Amphibian is likewise an old buddy, is a humane creature, and he shows these characteristics, and others, at various focuses in the story. For instance, he welcomes Mole and Rat to accompany him on his experience (16). Notwithstanding, it appears that the creator has made Toads negative characteristics more complete and more significant than his previously mentioned positive characteristics. Amphibian is an extremely coercive and luxurious individual, he is pompous and self-important, and as indicated by Rat once more, maybe hes not shrewd we cant all be virtuosos; and it might be that he is both egotistic and arrogant (13). It is these sorts of characteristics that appear to characterize the character of Toad as more vital than the others seem to be, and plot the run of the mill picture of those individuals from the high society. His narcissism is glaringly shown in the tunes Toad sings to himself while getting back (117 and 121). His oblivious and critical perspectives are repeating. To the woman sympathetically giving him a ride, after she finds his untruths, he yells, You normal, low, fat canal boat lady! Dont you dare converse with your betters that way! (112). He likewise thinks modest of the washerwoman in jail, who unexpectedly spares his life (84-5). He expect a considerable number of things and, maybe honestly and unconsciously, affronts individuals whose concl usions contrast from his own, just like the case in talking with Rat on page 16: Presently, you dear old fashioned Ratty, said Toad imploringly, dont start to talking in that firm and sniffy kind of way, since you know youve got the chance to come. I cant potentially oversee without you, so please think of it as settled and dont contend its the one thing I cannot stand. You without a doubt dont intend to adhere to your dull fusty old waterway for your entire life, and simply live in a gap in a bank, and pontoon? I need to show you the world! Im going to make a creature out of you, my kid! These attributes of Toad stand apart to make him the most important on the grounds that there is some component of entertainment present while Toad stays careless in regards to it himself, not endeavoring to be amusing, yet regularly being very genuine. These are the kinds of characteristics, in any case, that appear to be at chances with the development of Grahames moral story. Grahame endeavors to legitimize the extraordinary

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Bloody Sunday Incident Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Wicked Sunday Incident - Assignment Example At the point when people in general loses trust in its law authorization framework, at that point the time has come to audit the standards in question and get them changed. Presentation From 1960 through 1969, the United States encountered various changes, for example, the death of President John F. Kennedy, the heightening in the Vietnam War, the primary arrival on the Moon, the ascent of the hippy time and eminent occasions in the battle for Civil Rights. One of these Civil Rights occasions was the stroll over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama by 600 Black Americans on Sunday, March 7, 1965. The reason for the walk was to get the ideal for Blacks to cast a ballot (Hunter and Barker 2011). The legislative leader of Alabama was George Wallace, who was viewed as a supremacist and segregationist. Alabama State Troopers appeared in power and in a little while, the get-together transformed into a bleeding encounter, with the police seen as utilizing exorbitant power on the gathe ring (BBC 2013). Various individuals were hospitalized with wounds and the impacts of poisonous gas. The walk would later be directed again on March 28, 1965, this time with Martin Luther King in participation. 1.The key focuses for the Bloody Sunday occasion were that 600 Black Americans directed a tranquil walk over the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama. ... 2. The occasion happened in Selma, Alabama, March seventh, 1965 on US Route 80 at the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The nonconformists were pushed back to the Browns Chapel Methodist Church which was the place the walk had begun from (BBC 2013). 3. The quiet nonconformists began from the Browns Chapel Methodist Church and strolled along US Route 80 to the Edmund Pettus Bridge. They didn't stop anyplace nor did they direct any illicit activities. Senator Wallace had gotten wind of the way that there would be a walk by the Blacks and called up the State Troopers to meet the nonconformists and have them scatter and return home. At the point when the dissidents got together with the troopers, they were advised to return home or go to chapel yet they would not move. The police, with gas veils on, started pushing ahead until they arrived at the primary line of nonconformists (BBC 2013). By then, the troopers started pushing individuals in reverse and individuals began tumbling down. There were tro opers riding a horse too who were employing wood clubs. Many were beaten, even those that were at that point down on the ground. Eventually, a portion of the dissidents started tossing blocks and jugs at the police with an end goal to retaliate. Various individuals were harmed and placed into the emergency clinic (Davis 1999). 4. There were two reasons that this walk occurred. The first was that the Blacks had been having gatherings about leading a stroll over the scaffold to battle for the option to decide in favor of Blacks. The second explanation behind the walk was that after a February rally meeting held at one church in Marion, Alabama, when the congregation goers came out the congregation, they were assaulted by state troopers and one man, Jimmie Lee Jackson, who was attempting to shield his mom from being clubbed, was

Literature Values Essay Example For Students

Writing Values Essay Writing can have numerous and various qualities on an individual. It is all dependingon the story and the worth or good issue the writer needs, you, the peruser toget out of it. The worth writing had on me was in reality difficult to put intowords. In any case, to comprehend the estimation of writing you should know the definition ofvalue and writing. Worth has numerous implications yet there is two that relate. Worth in helpfulness or significance to the owner and a rule, standard, orquality thought about beneficial or attractive. Writing is a collection of compositions inprose or section. Writing produces esteem since it is fundamentally an investigation ofan experience or circumstance. I got an alternate an incentive out of every story. With MarkTwains The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn it gave me that one doesn't have tobe edified or fit in with the thoughts of society to get refined or develop. With Huck Finn he fled from everything that was viewed as enlightened. He hadnothing and truly didn't need anything. And yet he experiencedand developed living hazardously. This made me esteem Hucks experience and take itas my own. Huck demonstrates his development when he remarks on how the ruler and dukedupe the residents into accepting that they are the dead keeps an eye on siblings, andHuck says, I see nothing so disgusting.(Twain 163) Eventhough the lord and duke submit a horrendous follow up on the townspeople he still feelssorry for them when they get tarred. Huck remarks, Human creatures can beawful coldblooded to one another.(Twain 225) In William Faulkners Barn Burningit recounted a man named Abner Snopes who consumed stables when disturbed or frantic. This washis method of exacting revenge on them. Animal dwellingplace Burning has two very evidentstruggles. Abner abuses his family similarly as the high society has mistreated him. Horse shelter Burning to me depends on misled outrage. Which is basicallyhappening in nowadays. For instance, a young person and his folks have it out, heleaves, and now his outrage is coordinated toward anything in his pathway. BarnBurning has an incentive in that it appears in life that individuals actuallymisdirect their outrage. For example, in the acts of mass violence and bomb dangers thathave happened in the recent years. Much the same as Abner Snopes felt like anoutsider to the high society, so did the understudies who submitted these violentacts. In The Swimmer, it made me esteem life and what it brings. Provided that your not cautious or you don't keep an eye out it will past you up withoutnotice. Similarly as with Everyday Use, one of the girls didn't esteem whoshe was or whom she was on the grounds that she was going out searching for her history. Whichshe as of now had readily available. Perusing the entirety of the writing this semesterhas widened my point of view. It has caused me to understand that there are a great deal ofthings that we as individuals in this general public underestimate. Writing has mademe esteem a ton of encounters and circumstances; I didn't think about until I readall of the short stories by different writers with various styles and perspectives ofthings. It is odd how the writing that has been written in the past stillhas an effect on what happenings in todays society. We can emphasize thesame thoughts, qualities, and ethics into what is happening today. English Essays

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Mask Work in Drama Essay

Our cover work in show was an encounter that I especially delighted in without a doubt. It additionally made me a superior show understudy since I expanded my body development unquestionably more as my face couldn't be seen. It has likewise given me that with a cover on you can take the plunge with your body development however you ought to let it all out the same amount of with out a veil on. Pieces This piece of the portfolio is the place I state what Fragments of Mask work I learnt and delighted in. Watchword Fragments: Pieces of development we fundamentally made up our self’s however consistently needed to keep them ceremonial and exact. The development we were instructed in specific exercises were from a custom and must be Ritualistic and exact so every move was significant. Instances of sections I learnt in the exercises with respect to Mask work: I recollect the primary exercise that we accomplished cover work I was so uncertain climate I might want it or not. What we did was sat around Miss Grenene did developments that we needed to duplicate in a ceremonial style. At that point she made up duplicate the custom daily practice with sounds so in the end we were all doing likewise developments and sounds making us a chorale. At that point she made us carry on the custom including sounds and developments to it as we go. Miss was additionally playing the drum, which made it sound like an antiquated custom war drum. I felt uncertain while doing this yet anyway my feelings turned out to be increasingly certain as the class custom showed signs of improvement and better. The emotions I had were that I needed to keep together with the gathering like a melody should. Genuine sounds and recollections of sounds and developments were utilized in that custom to carr y on to making our own custom. Like applauding whistling stepping a wide range of sounds and developments. Every one of these thoughts went through my mind and I was thinking this is acceptable so why not include this, this and this to the piece. This was the beginning stage for our work as next we needed to do a custom in veils, which truly completes the custom. I needed to collaborate with Ross, Jack, Lisa and Joe to play out a Ritual of going from a nonpartisan quiet spot to a hot spot, to a virus spot and afterward an amusing spot. I found on this first execution with a veil that in light of the fact that my face was concealed I needed to communicate my character with my body and much more so as I didn’t have discourse. We as a whole needed to group together also to resemble a chorale. Tragically I felt apprehensive on that exhibition as everybody was moving at various occasions and I was unable to keep up so it went seriously. For the developments I figured I should look freezing and act it and look hot and act it for the others I did likewise reason for the custom. I comprehend that a custom is to be a genuine event and you should act genuine and centered while showcasing a custom like for instance in a burial service or wedding. Which brings me onto my next piece which was the point at which me Jack, Lauren, Keeli, and Michelle were showcasing a wedding. The estate of this exhibition must be not kidding and exact which it was. We did slow obvious developments that streamed and were emblematic to a wedding. This was a decent piece when we performed it anyway the white material got trapped in Keelis hair and we as a whole wound up giggling. At the point when we performing it I saw weddings on t-v and, in actuality, and perceived how formal they were, so I chose to draw my presentation from that. I played the vicar and with the veil on I felt that Ginny was gone and the Vicar of the wedding was there. I felt quiet and great about this presentation as it was progressed admirably however we as a whole chuckled which accentuated significantly more the need t be not kidding in a custom. Not one of my pieces up to this point has satisfied me with Mask Work. Not on the grounds that I don’t like since I generally couldn’t do my job effectively in development or voice. Presently I was placed in a gathering for my moch test and I w as splendid and certain from the word go I had no issue communicating my self and cherished it. I feel that in the event that I did it once I can do it again perhaps it was the weight of the test that caused me to progress nicely, anyway I am unquestionably increasingly certain with veil work after that. Reaction: My passionate reaction to cover work is to move toward it in a willing manner. I had an inclination that I had fizzled at whatever point I didn’t give a decent exhibition, which was more often than not, which prevented y certainty. I had a feeling that I didn't have the foggiest idea what I was fouling up for quite a while this made me disappointed with the work. This made me increasingly decided however in light of the fact that I love dramatization so much I was not going to be bothered by enhancements that could and were at long last made. Likewise while we were attempting new things I felt upbeat or tragic or furious and this was identified with the developments. I found that moving a ton made me upbeat and I could do that a great deal on the off chance that I was down. My Intellectual reaction to the work was to consistently be arranged and have a go at everything and improve. I constantly needed to mentally give a decent contribution to work and get a decent out put from it. Thoughts were continually streaming into my head to place into a show piece, yet tragically I didn’t realize when to stop. The developments that we investigated were constantly formal and expressive as indicated by the character or custom we were playing in. In our moch test I was so satisfied with the reaction I provided for the work, which were supernatural thoughts, and formal developments, which got a decent reaction, back this made me satisfied. I generally felt prepared to attempt however had fluctuated feelings all through for the most part of center and disarray to the show piece. Advancement: Sections were associated and created as we found out more and put our expanding veil work methods together into a custom piece. Like our sounds like drumming or murmuring were associated with developments. For instance a shout sound+ hands attempting to haul your hair out could = a crazy individual in custom. Another model could be an individual with pawed hands over their head + a long snort could = an individual in a custom who is furious. Cover + Movement = A soundless bit of show where just the body can decipher the custom utilizing genuine pr㠯⠿â ½cis and ceremonial development. Likewise you should consistently have your head forward and confronting the crowd. At that point you ought to have your shoulders back and have clear ceremonial developments and if there is sound use it so it’s clear and applicable likewise uproarious or very relying upon the state of mind. Cover +Movement+ Sound= A Ritual with expressive development and sounds were successful including environment depending the custom piece. Mask+ Movement+ Sound+ Music= For instance a bit of cover work like Oedipus which was the play we did and transformed into a custom. Fro sound we utilized words from the play like passing, marriage, hanging, the grouching of the eyes. At that point we connected these to ceremonial developments like individuals dieing and the grouching of the eyes. We utilized the music when there was a great deal of strain at a high pinnacle of the custom. The theme did developments all together this looked powerful and I preferred the manner in which they all moved at various level yet resembled an ensemble in a custom. Assessment: The moch test we did depended on a play called Oedipus and which we needed to extricate 10 words and transform it into a custom with development and music. Our 10 words were: Passing, Marriage, Hanging, Grouching, Suffering, Hurl me, Madness, cutting knifes, torment, and friends and family. The melody which was Niki, Chris, Kirsty, Joe and Michelle utilized sluggish developments and long suffocating words which made the custom sound like a universe of misery. I was the storyteller and I said about the Marriage, passing and hanging and the gouging of the eyes at the outset. This was exceptionally successful and afterward toward the end I went ahead shouting frenzy. At that point the franticness the ensemble came out and cut me to death then I said the frenzy is done like I was shutting the custom. I should state I adored the manner in which each one developments were so exact and formal. This so powerful and the sounds we utilized represented the developments we did which made it look great. I loved it since it streamed well and the sounds were boisterous and expressive. On the off chance that I needed to change something about the custom it would be the way that we could have moved more in time and furthermore that the music could have been utilized more to show pressure. Likewise the garments were acceptable too Red representing blood and dark is the frenzy of executing. Different gatherings were so acceptable also I discovered that from them careful discipline brings about promising results. They were so reasonable in voice and development. Particularly Sheryl and Daniel in voice. The chorales in all the gatherings could have moved better however. From this the thing I have discovered that everybody must deal with is their developments. The crowds were so acceptable they gave us a great deal of applauds and backing to spike us on.

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Everything You Need to Know about Customer Journey Mapping

Everything You Need to Know about Customer Journey Mapping The approaches towards customers change over time as does the market itself. Successful entrepreneurs continuously seek and implement new management opportunities in order to attract, maintain and broaden their circle of customers.Traditional marketing approaches are not completely suitable any longer because customers have higher expectations due to the differentiation of the market. What this means is that marketing based on managing relationships with customers must evolve into experience and engagement management.One of the approaches which have been employed by marketers and entrepreneurs in an effort to achieve customer satisfaction is the Customer Journey Mapping. An increasing number of companies has been giving Customer Journey a chance in the past few years, and the general attitude towards it is rather positive. For the time being it is used mostly for providing clarity on customers’ attitudes, mapping out the current state of the company and identification of improvemen t possibilities. © | elenabslIn this article, we will present everything you need to know about Customer Journey through sections 1) Introduction to Customer Journey, 2) Elements of Customer Journey Mapping, 3) Touch points / Channels in Customer Journey Mapping, and 4) Customer Journey Mapping Process.INTRODUCTION TO CUSTOMER JOURNEYThe concept of Customer Journey was created in the late 1990s as an outside-in technique in business management. The outside-in approach focuses on improvement of customers’ experience in order to resolve problems and ensure continuous positive relations with them.It targets optimal customer engagement through proper management and credit attribution of touch points and channels through which the customer interacts with an organization or a brand. The necessity of such an approach rises from the realization that all interaction points and mediums have value in the process and should be stimulated appropriately. Moreover, it tries to create a more holi stic view of customer behavioral patterns â€" understand emotions, desires, and needs as well as influences of the company’s endeavors on them.One of the crucial components of Customer Journey is the collaborative approach of different departments which constitute a company. Customer Journey advocates believe that only by ‘breaking down the silos’ the company can acquire the above-mentioned insights and reach its objectives â€" loyal customers who advocate and bring in new ones.The most important tool of Customer Journey is the Customer Journey Map. It is a structuralized scheme of the elements of customer experience process, touch points of interaction with the organization, channels through which it is obtained as well as a ‘behind the scenes’ overview. In other words, it includes what you want to provide to the customer and what the customer would like to receive from you in different stages and the gaps where these two lanes are not compatible. In the following section s, we will focus on description and explanation of all of these.ELEMENTS OF CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPINGKey elements of Customer Journey Mapping are phases of a customer’s experience lifecycle â€" that is, phases through which a consumer progresses in reference to a certain company. In this section, we will discuss most frequent elements used in Customer Journey Mapping.AwarenessConsumer awareness is the amount of recognition which a potential customer has a particular brand as well as the extent of specific product association to a brand. It is extremely beneficial for companies to be differentiated from the competition (if the awareness is not negatively-driven) because consumers tend to turn to something familiar, especially if there are too many similar options. Moreover, such brands tend to be advocated in family and friends circles and lead to continuous advertisement and establishment of a strong hold in the market.Customer Journey Mapping has the assignment of presenting the a mount of awareness your segmented customers have for your brand, the rate of success your campaigns have the awareness percentage and the gaps between what is required for and what is being done in matters of elevating customer awareness.DiscoveryOnce your targeted customers become aware of your products and services and gain interest in them, they undertake a process of information acquisition. Customers propose inquiries on the product and interact with branches of your company whether through a query made to a call operator or face-to-face communication with one of your sales representatives at the Point of Sale (PoS) in your store. Moreover, the process of Pricing will be put in motion by your customers. This means that they will evaluate the cost of the product or service they are interested in with reference to how much they are willing to spend for it.Customer Journey Mapping should provide insights on whether the interaction is informative, useful and engaging for your custo mers and if not it should point out issues you should take care of. Also, it should detect balance or lack of it in the pricing process.PurchaseWhen your customers opt for the purchase of a good or service you are offering, they experience an emotional response to it. The response should contain a feeling of satisfaction, and this is achieved mainly by simple and fast transaction process as well as a feeling of paying a reasonable price.Customer Journey Map must include quantitative and qualitative statistics on the experience your customers have in the process of purchase. If the statistics show lack of positive emotions in the majority of your segmented customers, you should revise technological strategies towards payment opportunities, sales representatives’ competencies, as well as your pricing determinants.Post Sales Support / Use of Product or ServicePost sales support represents a wide area of consumer management after purchase of a sort has been made which is focused in en suring proper functioning of and help with the use of a product or a service. It can be technology oriented and involve the assistance with technology merchandise, consumer-oriented when it helps customers in the management of the product and automatic which is available for consultation at all times and is mostly online based. Moreover, post sales support can be embodied in the form of permanent or provisory warranties for the purchased good or service.Your Customer Journey framework might point out that customers are not satisfied with the quality of (some or all) your existing post sales support tools or find that your company does not provide post sales support tools which they need. Moreover, it should determine whether the usage of a product or a service meets your customer’s expectations.ComplaintOne of the crucial elements in customer management is the way complaints are addressed. When a customer presents, a complaint he/she must feel like the company is engaged with the problem and is going to take care of it in a timely manner. If the customer receives no understanding or repeatedly help, he/she will probably acquire a permanent negative opinion of the company and advocate against it.Use the Customer Journey Map to define the amount of consumer satisfaction in reference to how your company deals with their complaints.Bonding With ProductIn order to ensure loyalty of your customers, you should let them feel appreciated and thought of repeatedly. Moreover, you should offer them new and useful ways of investment with your company â€" this is frequently done through renewal and upgrading of your products and services according to needs and preferences of your customers.Your Customer Journey Map will be able to provide insightful information for new projects according to specified desires of your customers.AdvocacyPositive advocacy shows that you have done all of the previous elements in synchronization with your customer’s expectations and needs. Ne gative advocacy shows your company is doing something wrong in regard to its customers.By setting a Customer Journey framework, you will be able to detect problems or gaps in your customer management efforts and consequently make way for improvements.TOUCH POINTS IN CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPINGAs we have mentioned in the introduction, touch points have an immense value in the Customer Journey process. They represent any and every interaction a customer has with the company. In the recent decade, the touch points and channels broadened to the online market in addition to traditional face-to-face or telecommunication interaction.Touch points in Customer Journey Mapping are regarded as a team of players who all make the conversion happen. It is like a soccer game: although one team member scores the goal, every team member who navigated the ball in an attack made the goal possible. It is essential to attribute credit properly to each of the touch points and ensure their optimal influence i n the Customer Journey. Moreover, collaboration between different touch points is crucial for achieving specific contextual approaches while remaining consistent for the customer.Below are some of the major key touch points of customer experience with an organization with the brief and general key notions on how each of them should be handled.WebsiteEasy access (for example, implementation of Search Engine Optimization techniques)Simple to use (especially the payment procedure)Clear and informativeVisually appealingPhoneAdaptation of channels for mobile usageApplicationsFace-to-facePositive and pro-active approachUsefulnessWord-of-mouthAdvertisingBrand awarenessSatisfied loyal customersE-mailConstructive, personalized information or offersPostTopics which customers will find interesting and usefulHere is an example of touch points for a travel agency. Investigation on the touch points of purchasing a service â€" booking a trip, showed that your customers tend to look up the destinat ion of their interest on their mobile phones though a simple inquiry on a search engine (typing ‘travel to Paris’). It would be advisable to invest in high ranking your website through the Search Engine Optimization techniques. The next step, the customer makes is reading through the information and services you offer on your webpage â€" it is important to adapt the utility of the page in reference to the type of medium your customers might want to employ â€" mobile applications, tablet or desktop. Once the information and decision for purchase have been made, you must provide a simple and useful payment system. Studies show that complex systems discourage customers and can result in cancellation of purchase or at least no desire to continue conversion relation in the future.CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING PROCESSAfter learning about the elements and the touch point of customer journey, the next step is to define the process of how you can develop the customer journey map of your custo mers. Below is an illustrative example of such map as well as the steps for you to follow to create it for your customers. Step #1: MapPlanningStart With Words: After you have decided to create a Customer Journey Map, you should form a collaborative team of people whose abilities will be most beneficial for the task. Your team should be built with respect to all of the segments you wish to cover with your map in order to create a correct and insightful review of the customer journey. Agree upon a precise objective of your journey map: do you want to investigate a specific process or build your organization’s ecosystem map (an all-inclusive map of all the processes of customer management). Moreover, segment the targeted customer/s whose journey you wish to analyze. Define roles and responsibilities of your team members.Create a Story Board: Once you have determined the scope and scale of your Customer Journey Map, create a story board which will include all of the elements of segmented customer/s journey. Include all of the experience the customer/s had or might have with your company from initial conta ct (awareness) to an end of a sort (loyalty, advocacy or closure of relations).Define Touch Points and Channels: Determine all of the touch points where customers interact with your organization (social networks, ads, applications, search engines, website) and their channels (various mediums for virtual interaction, call centers, stores, etc.).Explore Your Customer’s Drivers: Define what are customer’s expectations and requirements of each of the touch points and channels. Interview your segmented personas and give them opportunities of feedback. All of the information is essential for having a correct and usable customer journey map.Data GatheringHere you should go as detailed as necessary in reference to your objective. Gather quantitative and qualitative statistics on sales, complaints and support requirements as well as analysis on satisfaction with the products and services.Map CreationThrough primary stages of map creation, you should implement an interactive approach to m ap creation â€" your team might use post-its and markers to create a map which you will later install in a Customer Journey software. Customer Journey Map will include all of the gathered data in relation with key elements, touch points and channels and will provide a structuralized result of your examination.Step #2: AnalyzeUse collaborative insights from team members of different departments in your organization;Prioritize and rank information in the map;Recognize gaps, issues and opportunities for improvement;Agree on some adjustments in cross-channel and intra-channel management in order to maximize utility of elements of customer experience;Revise touch points and optimize their efficiency in relation to the preferences and needs of your targeted customers.Step #3: PresentOrganize all of your findings and adjustments in a ‘roadmap’ for the company;Present to employees, managers and owners in order to achieve full comprehension of the tasks which must be made in order to imp rove the customer experience (as all of them have influence on the efficiency of implementation of results and ideas);Monitor and manage the realization of projects;Do not hang the Customer Journey Map on the wall as a passive and static result. It is a tool and must be actively adjusted and updated in order to provide continuous understanding of the Customer Journey.The market is bursting with entrepreneurs and companies in all niches. It is becoming more difficult to maintain a solid presence, maintain customers and attract new ones. The traditional inside-out approach to business management does not seem to cut it anymore. With so many options from which the customers can choose a profit-only orientation has a good chance of ending up being acquisition by a larger enterprise or bankrupt. What proves to be the only real solution is making the customers perpetually happy. For so long companies focused only on the relationship with the customers up to the point of purchase. Basicall y, consumers were regarded as cash machines which can be easily replaced when broken (discontent). The Consumer Journey is a process established as a helpful instrument for resolving burning issues of the modern market â€" keeping and broadening circle of customers. It is an effort to understand the total process which leads to conversion, ways in which it can be improved as well as issues which need to be addressed and gaps which should be filled. For further investigation on goals and features of Customer Journey Mapping take a look at the comprehensive webinar by experts on Customer Experience Management Claire Sporton and John Dalton and watch interesting short productions on Moments of Truth and Outside-In Perspective by Future Smith company.

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Contract Law Research Ultimate Lease And AFL Contract - 1100 Words

Contract Law Research: Ultimate Lease And AFL Contract (Case Study Sample) Content: Contract Law: Case StudyStudent NameInstitutional AffiliationIssueThe issue reigning, in this case, is to the enforcement of the agreement for lease (AFL) and the viability of the lease contract that Mr. Simonds claims to have entered with Franklin Ltd on behalf of Pinnacle Ltd. In this case, Pinnacle accepts an unsigned letter stating the regulations for the lease of their land with Franklin Ltd. The client believes that since he accepted Franklins letter dated 22nd March 2012, he fills that he had a binding contract with Franklin Ltd. Further, the letter had relevant lease documents with one of its clause (5) indicating that the acceptance by the Lessee would qualify as a binding contract. However, the other provisions were subject to negotiations and depended on the signing of the Final Development Plan for leasing the premises.Question 1The two parties are in the process of making an ultimate Lease and AFL contract. Contract law stipulates that there has to be an offer followed by an acceptance involving people of sound mind with consideration in place. Neither Franklin Ltd nor Pinnacle Ltd has signed an acceptance to the offer of the lease and as a sign of an agreement to the terms in the lease document. Therefore, the lease agreement as held by Mr. Simonds is void. Nonetheless, negotiations were still ongoing meaning no contract had been made since changes were made to the original lease letter as held in Baker v. Taylor (1906). There seems to be just an agreement subject to the contract which in this case is not binding. Furthermore, Pinnacle has no legal documents signed as prove of legally being in possession of the land owned by Franklin Ltd hence, no binding AFL and ultimate lease has taken place.[Neil Andrews, Contract Law (Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed, 2015).] [(1906) 6 SR 500] Question 2The Australian act of 1936 on the law of property states that a binding contract entails offer and acceptance by the relevant parties in the form of writing. The contract should also constitute a consideration as declared by the lessor and accepted by the lessee without any change of the original document. Further negotiations as highlighted in the case is a reflection of a non-binding contract. With the negotiations and change of terms qualifies as a termination of the original lease agreement. Thus, the rental offer should be particular, just as held in Scammel and Nephew Ltd v Ouston case where it took place that the hire purchase offer was void. Also, there should not be any other give-and-take considerations for that leads to a counter offer as held in Hyde v, Wrench. Agreement exists when there is a Consensus ad idem, subjective acceptance. Additionally, silence does not qualify acceptance. Thus, Pinnacles silence upon receiving the lessors offer letter does not indicate acceptance and the lessor had not mentioned silence as a mode of recognition. Further, Franklin had also not accepted and signed the lease letter. [South Australia Property Law Act 1936 (Vic) s 3.] [[1941] 1 AC 251.] [[1840] 49 ER 132.] [Ewan McKendrick, Contract Law (Palgrave Macmillan, 11th ed, 2015).] [Felthouse v. Bindley (1862) 142 E.R. 1037] Question 3Collection of an informal and unsigned letter in writing does not constitute a binding contract. The contract law states that for a contract to be legally binding, it has to be duly signed by both parties under writing. The parties should be aware of the clauses therein and no other adjustments should be made after the signing of the agreement. Furthermore, the 1936 Australian Act on rent law indicates that a contract for a sale must constitute a binding contract in the form of writing[Ibid 6] Question 4Mr. Simonds wo...